ECEREuropean Conference on Educational Research
ECEREuropean Congress of Ethnic Religions (Lithuania)
ECEREast Coast Economic Region (Malaysia)
ECERExceptional Child Education Resources
ECEREuropean Cities Entrepreneurship Ranking (Belgium)
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884-2T(a)(l), the foreign corporation escapes tax on non-previously taxed accumulated ECER If, however, a foreign corporation fails to successfully terminate under Temp.
ECERDC's role in the collaboration is to harness the energies and unique strengths of both universities through industry-academic collaboration that will benefit the investors in ECER, particularly in developing local talents to meet the needs of the industries.
There has been a lot of keen interest from the Middle East on ECER [East Coast Economic Region] Malaysia, especially in the areas of halal cuisine, tourism and agriculture, particularly livestock and fisheries," Dato Jebasingam Issace John, ECER Development Council CEO, said yesterday in Abu Dhabi during a visit.
AiAThe ECER has set an ambitious investment target of RM5 billion ($1.
That is what emerges from a telephone survey, published on 31 March by the ECER (European Cities Entrepreneurship Ranking) foundation, asking 2,400 company heads how satisfied they are with local development policies in 37 European towns.
Birmingham topped the European Cities Entrepre-neurship Ranking, or ECER, winning praise for its eco-nomic environment, infrastructure and quality of life.
The secondary data are collecting from the study site office, several reports, documents and published materials on ECER.
Paper presented at European education research Association conference, ECER 2009, September 28.
Paper presented at the ECER 2000-Conference, 20-23 September 2000, Edinburgh.
The ECER survey also ranks Birmingham as one of the top three "most dynamic European cities" when it comes to encouraging entrepreneurship.