ECEREuropean Conference on Educational Research
ECEREuropean Congress of Ethnic Religions (Lithuania)
ECEREast Coast Economic Region (Malaysia)
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East Coast Economic Region (ECER)
ECER encompasses 51 percent of western Malaysia, covering the states of Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang and Johor.
The study has previously been presented at the ECER conference [52].
The purpose of ECER 58 is to offer effective protection over their whole width against underrunning from the rear by vehicles of categories M1 and N1 and scooters, motorcycle or three wheeler with low height.
and g and ecer First prize is PS50, donated by Reg White of Inside Flintshire Magazine Ian Armitage Roofing Building Services.
Applying the ECER 101 test procedure to generate a C[O.sub.2] figure for each powertrain yields 16 g/km for the ICE range extended powertrain and zero for the FC range extended powertrain.
As discussed above, to determine a foreign corporations DEA and resulting branch profits tax liability, a foreign corporation must first determine its current-year ECER Regs.
The growth in energy demand led to a stricter energy conservation and emissions reduction (ECER) policy, which required a 20% reduction in energy usage intensity by the end of 2010 compared with the level in 2005 (Lo and Wang 2013).
The MoU is a significant step in paving the way for industryacademia collaborations in Malaysia's East Coast Economic Region (ECER), while promoting academic and research collaboration and partnerships between both universities.
Conference: ECER 2013, Creativity and Innovation in Educational Research.
An example from Vocational Practice", Documento presentado por la European Research network in Vocational education and training-the Vocational education and training network (VETNET), en la European Conference on educational Research (ECER), Universidad de Hamburgo, 17-20 de diciembre.
(2001), "Travelling Policy: Local Spaces," paper presented the Global and the national symposium, ECER, Lille, September.