ECERS-REarly Childhood Environment Rating Scale-Revised Edition
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However, a number of issues have emerged in using ECERS or ECERS-R in different social and cultural contexts (e.
A factor analysis of the ECERS-R identified two factors that accounted for 69% of the variance in total scores.
Palabras clave: calidad educacional, ECERS-R, validez, confiabilidad.
Module One training of the ECERS-R is offered to staff, teachers and administrators as a staff development opportunity.
Instruments: CLASS and ECERS-R as measures of ECEC quality
Because ECERS and ECERS-R are not comparable, we separated the database into two parts, based on the implementation date of ECERS-R in April 2005: records collected before and after April 2005.
Scaffolding was the mechanism employed as means for directors to assist their teachers to move to the next level of quality on the ECERS-R.
The overall mean scores on the ECERS-R from the pre-turnover assessment to the post-turnover assessment decreased (pre M = 4.
This assumes that researchers have found ECERS or ECERS-R useful and successful in investigating quality in early childhood settings.
The Parents and Staff subscale of the ECERS-R includes the following items: provisions for parents, provisions for personal needs of staff, provisions for professional needs of staff, staff interaction and cooperation, supervision and evaluation of staff, and opportunities for professional growth.
Appended are: (1) Director Interview Guide; (2) Obtaining Nominations for High-Quality Centers to Include in Sample; (3) Sampling Steps; and (4) Additional Details on CLASS Dimensions and ECERS-R Items Used in the Research.
The ECERS-R yields a total score and seven subscale scores: Space and Furnishings, Personal Care Routines, Language-Reasoning, Activities, Interaction, Program Structure, and Parents and Staff.