ECESGEuropean Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza (EU)
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ECESG added, in a statement that KUNA had a copy of, that the French ship
An email to ECESG asking if they had received assurances from any of the governments they approached has gone unanswered.
European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza, ECESG Delegation to Gaza Strip, January 2010.
'We call on the United Nations to remember its purpose as stated in its own charter: to suppress acts of aggression, and to settle disputes in conformity with principles of justice and international law,' said Rami Abdo, spokesman for the ECESG, which represents more than 30 NGOs and other civil-society organizations across Europe.
ECESG expressed, in a statement, its confidence in the alignment of UN
ECESG's spokesman Anwar al- Gharbi said the announcement of the 2nd Freedom Flotilla was made after the Israeli storming on the first sea convoy, adding that the new flotilla is organized by the same Turkish, Swedish, Greek and Irish organizers under patronage of the ECESG.
On its June 6 web site posting (, ECESG reported that preparations for an even larger Freedom Flotilla Two are well advanced, and will be launched in the coming weeks, saying their mission is humanitarian, and others will keep coming until the siege is lifted and aid can enter freely.
to End the Siege of Gaza (ECESG) Coordinator Rami Abdu said on Saturday.
Brussels, (SANA)- The European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza (ECESG), one of the organizing parties of the Freedom Flotilla coalition, called for exerting pressure on Israel to immediately release the badly needed humanitarian aid to reach people in the besieged Gaza.
The Palestine Return Center (PRC) in London and The European Campaign to End the Siege (ECESG) on Gaza expressed great satisfaction towards approving the Goldstone Report by UNHRC.
(ECESG) warned Israel Friday against any attempt to intercept the Irish vessel
Brussels, (SANA)- The European Campaign to End Siege on Gaza (ECESG) announced that it now has the funding of the first three ships of a new fleet which will go to the Gaza Strip.