ECEVEcology and Evolution (various locations)
ECEVEntretien et Création d'Espaces Verts (French: Maintenance and Creating Green Spaces)
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where LAB = Labour vote intentions; LBPM = Labour leader as best prime minister; LPID = Labour party identification; ECM = error-correction mechanism; ECEV = one of four subjective economic evaluations; INTR = interest rates; INIP, UMIP, EDIP, HEIP = perceptions of inflation, unemployment, education, and health as most important problems; [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 3 OMITTED] EVENTS = salient pro/anti-Labour events; [Epsilon] = stochastic error process ([approximately]N(0,[[Sigma].sup.2])); [Delta] = difference operator; [[Beta].sub.0] = constant; and [[Beta].sub.1-k] = regression coefficients.