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ECFAEconomic Cooperation Framework Agreement (China and Taiwan)
ECFAEvangelical Council for Financial Accountability
ECFAEvangelical Child & Family Agency (Wheaton, IL)
ECFAEnglish Colleges Football Association (UK)
ECFAEngineering Consulting Firms Association, Japan
ECFAEuropean Committee for Future Accelerators (physics)
ECFAEuropean Coalition for Farm Animals (now European Network for Farm Animal Protection)
ECFAEuropean Children's Film Association (Brussels, Belgium)
ECFAEgyptian Council for Foreign Affairs (Cairo, Egypt)
ECFAEthan Cohen Fine Arts (gallery; est. 1987; New York, NY)
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Katie Barker, who finished TyneMet's leading goalscorer, was rewarded with a call-up to the ECFA national team and is currently with the squad in Barcelona.
ECFA will become the ophthalmology division of Pathway.
But exemplar organizations--only 7 percent of those surveyed--are the ones that keep annual fraud prevention, financial reporting and impact measurement as high priorities," said ECFA President Dan Busby.
ECFA's report, prepared by a subgroup called the Commission on Accountability and Policy for Religious Organizations, asserted that current IRS policies governing partisan activity by houses of worship are unenforceable.
The proposal will enable regional countries to cooperate in producing nuclear fuel under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), according to the ECFA head.
To encourage local insurance companies to access the Chinese market, FSC stated that it will look into cross-strait financial development and local insurance service providers' situations to assess whether to include the sector on Taiwan's tick list for the ECFA follow-up negotiations with China on bilateral trade in services in the future.
Lai said the ECFA is the ''road map of normalizing cross-strait trade'' and a ''stepping stone to similar deals with other trading partners.''
Among the 15 agreements signed between Taipei and Beijing since Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou took office in early 2008, the ECFA is the main breakthrough for his government, which championed improved relations with China after years of turbulence under the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party administration.
The government has said the deal would create some 260,000 jobs, while one private forecast has put the net effect of ECFA for Taiwan at a 5.3 percent improvement in GDP by 2020.
Under the 16-article ECFA, which signed on June 29, Taiwan and China agreed
The brawl confirms the ECFA, the strongest tie-up ever between China and Taiwan, as a focus for tense November 27 local elections.