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ECFAEconomic Cooperation Framework Agreement (China and Taiwan)
ECFAEvangelical Council for Financial Accountability
ECFAEngineering Consulting Firms Association, Japan
ECFAEuropean Committee for Future Accelerators (physics)
ECFAEuropean Children's Film Association (Brussels, Belgium)
ECFAEgyptian Council for Foreign Affairs (Cairo, Egypt)
ECFAEthan Cohen Fine Arts (gallery; est. 1987; New York, NY)
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Pathway said as it continues to expand its business through the provision of new resources and new opportunities, it counts on ECFA as its ophthalmology specialty partner.
The Senate Finance Committee also turned the matter over to ECFA.
To encourage local insurance companies to access the Chinese market, FSC stated that it will look into cross-strait financial development and local insurance service providers' situations to assess whether to include the sector on Taiwan's tick list for the ECFA follow-up negotiations with China on bilateral trade in services in the future.
Following the signing of the ECFA, Lai said Singapore agreed in August last year to explore the possibility of an economic cooperation agreement with Taiwan under the World Trade Organization framework.
Among the 15 agreements signed between Taipei and Beijing since Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou took office in early 2008, the ECFA is the main breakthrough for his government, which championed improved relations with China after years of turbulence under the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party administration.
Opponents in Taiwan had feared that China wanted ECFA to assert its claim of sovereignty over the self-ruled, democratic island by making the economies more interdependent.
endorsed by the legislature, the ECFA is expected to take effect on both sides
The Nationalists want to review the ECFA as a whole, while the opposition Democratic Progressive Party seeks a line-item review.
China's Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) and Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) will sign the ECFA and an agreement on intellectual property protection, Xinhua reported.
Some voters also worry that ECFA would lead to a political tie-up between the historic rivals.
ECFA is a preferential trade agreement between two countries intended to reduce tariffs and commercial barriers.
FROM September Tyne Metropolitan College's Women's Football Academy will become the first and only ECFA Category One Academy in Newcastle and Northumberland.