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ECGSExpert Corporate Governance Service (France)
ECGSExport Credit Guarantee Scheme
ECGSEndothelial Cell Growth Supplement
ECGSEuropean Corporate Governance Service (UK)
ECGSEuropean Center for Geodynamics and Seismology (Luxembourg)
ECGSEl Centro Generating Station (California)
ECGSEdmonton Classical Guitar Society (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
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Zachi Attia, from the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Rochester, Minnesota, and colleagues used 10-second samples of 12 lead ECG signals from 499,727 patients to train convolutional neural networks (CNNs) to predict age and gender and then tested them on 275,056 patients.
The Role Of ECG. Adding more information to these screenings could, in theory, lead to earlier diagnosis, more targeted or intensive treatment, and better outcomes.
Among those sampled, abnormal ECG results, as identified by the International Criteria, were more common in older subjects and in those who demonstrated increased thickening of the left ventricular wall relative to their overall heart size.
Finally, given the recognized genetic component of Brugada syndrome, family members of asymptomatic patients with Brugada pattern on their ECGs should also be screened.
Database Description Number of Number of Record beats records length (min) A High-quality ECGs 72,415 100 10 Low-quality ECGs 78,618 100 10 B Normal subjects 1,806,792 18 120 Arrhythmia 103,724 44 30 patients C Paced rhythm ECGs 8923 4 30 D Telehealth 6708 250 0.5 environment ECGs Total -- 2,077,180 516 -- Database Description Total time Sample (min) frequency (Hz) A High-quality ECGs 1000 250 Low-quality ECGs 1000 360 B Normal subjects 2160 500 Arrhythmia 1320 360 patients C Paced rhythm ECGs 120 360 D Telehealth 125 500 environment ECGs Total -- 5725 -- Database Description Source A High-quality ECGs 2014 PhysioNet/CinC challenge training set (https://physionet.
One specific and hitherto underexplored option is to set up an Export Credit Guarantee Scheme (ECGS).
In my experience the most common modality used to transfer ECGs are photographs sent from cellphones via SMS or WhatsApp.
However, results showed that some of the ECGs of women with breast implants were classified as abnormal.
She wants tests such as ECGs and heart echo tests included in pregnancy care for women.
Initially her electrocardiograms (ECGs) showed sinus tachycardia (Figure 1), but otherwise were unchanged from prior ECGs.
When cardiologists are not available on site, communication of clinical information and results of ECGs and imaging studies from hand held devices in the field or peripheral hospitals to cardiologists in a tertiary care or other regional hub can save time, effort, and human resource, and improve patient care, efficiency, and productivity of the system.