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Silicon must now support high voice quality by withstanding the long delays and echoes that are characteristic of converging circuit-switched and IP-based infrastructures.
Ancient Echoes will donate a portion of the proceeds to Pets Are Wonderful Support, a social service organization offering pet care support to those living with HIV and AIDS.
Some reviewers maintain that "Science, Faith, Echoes of Eternity" is possibly the most valuable book published about Jesus and Christianity.
Echoes of Love From Heavens Above, which continues to enjoy increasing sales through positive word-of-mouth, is an exemplary story of the eternal and unwavering love that every human being craves.
You can hear echoes of Sade's idea of Nature here: for him, as for Estrada, it's a kind of perpetual motion machine, endlessly experimenting, incessantly creating new forms, freakish animals, and perverse entities.
Then there are regions that give similar echoes to the known Tharsis shields, but that fail to match corresponding photos from the Viking spacecraft at all.
The Ancient Echoes sound strips away thousands of years of Western interpretation to reveal sacred Judaic and Christian scripture set to music as it could have been heard in Israel/Palestine during the first century, added Moroney.
Echo cancellers eliminate echoes in telecommunication voice traffic that otherwise reduce voice-quality to unacceptable levels.
This report from Dataquest echoes the results of the 1999 market research from IDC, who defines an embedded database as "one that is contained entirely within another software product.
SHOM has awarded iXBlue with a 4-year contract to equip their coastal hydrographic vessels and smaller hydrographic crafts with ECHOES sub-bottom profilers.
Officially open for echoes in late April, the site is the newest way to social network with a social purpose.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The ability that some people have to use echoes to determine the position of an otherwise silent object, in a similar way to bats and dolphins, requires good high-pitch hearing in both ears, according to new research.