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ECHTEuropean Conference on Hyper Text
ECHTEuropean Conference on HyperText
ECHTEuropean Conference on Hypermedia Technology
ECHTEuropean Congress on Health Tourism (est. 2008)
ECHTEuropean Cultural History Tour (summer study abroad program)
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A analise de variancia de um fator mostrou que nao ha diferencas significativas entre sexo, estado civil e tempo de servico na lotacao na avaliacao dos fatores da ECHT.
Here, in invoking Nietzsche and his analysis of the origins of the Judeo-Christian "slave morality," I parallel Hicks, who seems to have some Echt fellow feeling for the dead white male in question.
Still, River North's boom wasn't without price, Echt pointed out, noting that the area experienced a serious fire in the late 1980s that engulfed "25 percent or more" of the area's galleries.
Margaret Echt of the Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans and her associates.
Contrary to current stereotypes, research has shown that older adults have considerable interest in computers and can readily learn how to use them (see Echt, Morrell, & Park, 1998; Kelley, Morrell, Park, & Mayhorn, 1999; Morrell, 1997; and Morrell, Park, Mayhom, & Echt, 1996, for research on general computer use).
21) after the protocol of Echt and Schwartz (4) with the modifications and gel staining procedures described by Zeng et al.
On New Year's Eve, Edith Stein was smuggled across the border into Holland, to the Carmelite Convent in Echt in the Province of Limburg.
As she sells "The Man That Got Away" with echt Judy brio below the shrine of her late father's photo, there is little doubt as to whom she's singing about.
With all of the legal complications that have arisen these days about who is entitled to teach the Pilates system, I can say that I never had any doubt that I was being exposed to the echt article.
After Kristallnacht, when she was transferred to the Carmel in Echt, Holland, she wrote, "I cannot help thinking again and again of Queen Esther who was taken from her people for the express purpose of standing before the king for her people.
How Casablanca became the echt Hollywood movie is the subject of Noah Isenberg's hugely entertaining and insightful book, We'll Always Have Casablanca.