ECIPEuropean Customs Information Portal (EU)
ECIPEuropean Community Investment Partners
ECIPÉquipe Cycliste Internationale de Paris (French: International Cycling Team of Paris; Paris, France)
ECIPEpiscopal Commission on Indigenous Peoples (Philippines)
ECIPEarly Childhood Intervention Program
ECIPEnergy Conservation Improvement Program
ECIPErasure Code Internet Protocol (formerly Error Correction Internet Protocol)
ECIPError Correction Internet Protocol (now Erasure Code Internet Protocol)
ECIPEnhanced Critical Infrastructure Protection (US DHS)
ECIPEuropean Compliance Inspection Program
ECIPEnergy Conversion Investment Program
ECIPEngine Company Inspection Program
ECIPEvangelical Covenant International Partners
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'Accordingly, it is understood that the fourth tranche compensation adjustment, inclusive of the required government premiums in PhilHealth and Ecip, for the period January to June 2019 shall be among the items authorized to be obligated for the second quarter, chargeable against agency-specific budgets,' Abuel added.
The ECIP program takes advantage of Embraer's large expendables inventory, global purchasing power, and sophisticated software to accurately plan and stock contracted expendables at the best possible pricing.
ECIP is the only dedicated stream of funding for energy projects within DOD.
Se realizaron dos experimentos en condiciones de campo en los ciclos de invierno-primavera (ECIP) bajo riego y verano (ECV) bajo temporal, y un experimento en invernadero ciclo verano (EIV), para estudiar el efecto de las condiciones del ambiente en el rendimiento de grano (RG) y calidad de la semilla en cebada y trigo.
Waste-to-Energy ECIP (Energy Conservation Investment Program) Project.
These energy studies were commissioned in order to identify cost-effective energy conservation measures (ECMs) that would qualify for funding under the Energy Conservation Improvement Program (ECIP).
Another home-based ECIP is the Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), also known as the Nurse Home Visitation Program, established by David Olds in 1977 in Elmira, New York (Child Trends, 2003; Karoly et al., 2001; Olds, 1999; Olds et al., 1986).
Since the phasing-out of the other two European trans-national joint venture programmes - European Community Investment Partners (ECIP) for the developing countries in Asia, Latin America, the Mediterranean region and South Africa (ALAMEDSA countries) in 1999 and the Programme to promote SME joint ventures and other joint agreements (JOP) in the Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs) and New Independent States (NIS) in 2000 - many financial intermediaries in the JEV network have scaled down or ceased this activity because of the low volume of JEV applications from SMEs with the result that in the majority of Member States, in reality, it is no longer possible to apply for the programme.
The Engineering CIP Database (ECIP) provides a common and intuitive interface allowing quick access to a variety of project information.
CAMACA falls within the scope of the European Convergence and Implementation Programme (ECIP) and details are available on the web (
En el caso concreto del comercio con la UE, se pueden aprovechar las medidas de apoyo existentes para promover la expansion del comercio y los contratos de negocios y de inversiones entre los respectivos sectores empresariales (ECIP, Business Links, BC Net, AI Invest).