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ECJEuropean Court of Justice
ECJEuropean Coatings Journal (European publication)
ECJEnsemble de Cuivres Jurassien (French: Jura Brass Ensemble; Jura, Switzerland)
ECJEclipse Concept Jet (Eclipse Aviation)
ECJEuropean Competition Journal
ECJÉcole de Conduite Jeumontoise (French driving school)
ECJErnest Cockrell Jr. Hall (University of Texas at Austin)
ECJEvolutionary Computation Journal (artificial intelligence)
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(60.) The ECJ has been composed of one judge appointed by each member state, which has allowed the Court to grow with each enlargement of the EU.
In addition to answering the questions posed, the ECJ examined the commission's decision that found that the Safe Harbor offered an adequate level of protection, and it found that the decision was invalid for two reasons.
The case now returns to the Court of Appeal who will apply the ECJ's decision to the Woolworths and Ethel Austin cases to decide whether each store was a separate establishment in these particular cases.
It is now for the High Court to consider how the ECJ judgment affects the cases in question.
In this analysis, it will be shown how member states, which were the trigger for the respective ECJ decisions or which are particularly effected by the judgements, respond to the ECJ jurisprudence - although the article cannot cover the issue conclusively.
The ECJ, which is due to rule in the coming months, is not bound by such opinions but follows its adviser's lead in most cases.
In answer to the question, the ECJ has extended the scope of the application of EC 261 in order to determine the responsibility for compensation when a contractual air carrier does not operate any flights on a journey, and instead each leg is performed by different operating air carriers.
On the one hand, the decisions of the National Council and the Bundesrat must be respected; on the other, the examination and subsequent decision of the ECJ must be respected.
But they have also said that UK courts should continue to interpret European Court of Justice (ECJ) case law around legislation derived from the European Union, on issues such as workers' rights.
In its first ruling on an issue that has become highly charged across Europe, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) found a Belgian firm which had a rule that employees who dealt with customers should not wear visible religious or political symbols may not have discriminated against a Muslim receptionist it dismissed for wearing a headscarf.
Over the years, the ECJ's judicial activism has encountered both praise and criticism, with some claiming that its growing powers have eroded its popular legitimacy Such claims have gained traction since the expansion of the court's jurisdiction to include areas like human rights, monetary policy, immigration, and citizenship.