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ECLAÊtre Comme les Autres (French disability assistance association)
ECLAEuropean Company Lawyers Association (est. 1983)
ECLAEconomic Commission for Latin America
ECLAEspace Clodoaldien de Loisirs et d'Animation (French cultural association)
ECLAÉcole des Cultures et des Langues Africaines (French: School of African Languages and Cultures)
ECLAEuropean College of Liberal Arts (Berlin, Germany)
ECLAEnseignement Catholique de Loire-Atlantique (French: Loire-Atlantique Catholic Education; Loire-Atlantique, France)
ECLAEurope, Canada, Latin America
ECLAEnergy Conservation Leadership Act (Canada)
ECLAÉauze Culture Loisirs Animations (French: Éauze Culture Leisure Activities; Éauze, France)
ECLAEnsemble de Clarinettes d'Auvergne (French clarinet ensemble)
ECLAEntente Creil-Liancourt Association (French handball association)
ECLAEvangelical Church Library Association (Glen Ellyn, IL)
ECLAEurope Compétition Lorraine Automobile (French: Lorraine Automotive Competition Europe; EU)
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The articles is organised as follows: the next section locates the ECLA project and decades within a larger stylised chronology; this is followed by a focus on the pre-CEPAL period--as Love would have it, cepalismo before CEPAL; the next substantive section reviews the ECLA project in terms of ideas/ideology, content and delivery; the final section reviews recent re-evaluations of the project and its relevance in the twenty-first century --whither cepalismo and ideas about development in Latin America?
The ECLA experience is built around emerging trends in the weather, water, and climate enterprise that will shape the future of these professions.
The paper is organized as follows, the structure of ECLA will be described in Section 2 and the performance of ECLA in different human body models will be simulated in Section 3.
(15.) Comision Economica para America Latina y el Caribe ECLA (Ingles)--CEPAL.
PhD, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Theory of Structures and Agricultural Building Engineering at the Faculty of Land ecla ation and Environ ental Engineering at the niversity of Life Sciences, Poznan, Poland.
The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA) says the poverty rate fell from 49.4 percent in 1999 to 27.8 percent in 2010.
The ECLA (Echelle de Cotation des Lesions d'Acne) scale comprises numerical ranges of primary acne lesions, and includes extrafacial sites, but it does not include proportion descriptors of anatomical sites, and the scale has not been validated (Ann.
To better facilitate this "fourth mission" of economic development, the NIH has developed a new short-term Start-Up Exclusive Evaluation License Agreement (Start-up EELA) and a Start-up Exclusive Commercial License Agreement (Start-up ECLA) to facilitate licensing of intramural NIH and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inventions to early stage companies.
Arthur Lewis in 1950, who was appointed Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA), had influenced by Prebisch, initiated much of this development ideology.