ECLAMCLatin American Collaborative Study on Congenital Malformations
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Some infants who remained hospitalized after birth at the time when the physicians reported the data to ECLAMC have not been continuously followed after that to document their final discharge status.
One limitation is that we are unable to completely evaluate the extent to which the ECLAMC sample represents the whole infant populations in the study countries due to the lack of readily accessible population-level data.
A related issue is that ECLAMC provides mortality and prenatal data only on a subset of births in the ECLAMC-affiliated hospitals.
Professor, is with the INAGEMP (Instituto Nacional de Genetica Medica Populacional) and ECLAMC (Estudio Colaborativo Latino Americano de Malformaciones Congenitas), at Laboratorio de Epidemiologia de Malformacoes Congenitas, Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and CEMIC: Centro de Educacion Medica e Investigacion Clinica, Buenos Aires, Argentina.