ECLASEuropean Council of Landscape Architecture Schools
ECLASEuropean Commission Library Catalogue
ECLASEstudios Clasicos (journal)
ECLASEuropean Commission Library Automated System
ECLASEarly Childhood Literacy Assessment System
ECLASEuropean Commission Library Automation System
ECLASEducation of Children Looked After Service (UK)
ECLASEarly Childhood Language Assessment System
ECLASEarly Childhood Learning Assessment System
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The ECHO database also provides access to other databases including ECLAS (bibliographical data); CELEX (legislative data); RAPID (press releases); and TED (tenders electronically daily).
Tariffs and trade regulations Celex(*) ECLAS Justis Eastern Europe (CD-ROM only) Scad(*) Spearhead(*) Spicers Centre for Europe TRAINS (CD-ROM being developed) US Code of Federal Regulations US Federal Register US Harmonized Tariff Schedule