ECLFÉcole Cantonale de Langue Française (French: Cantonal School of French Language; Switzerland)
ECLFEuropean Cycle Logistics Federation
ECLFExtended Common Log Format
ECLFEuropean Corporate Learning Forum
ECLFElizabeth Colt Legacy Foundation (est. 2007)
ECLFEpiscopal Capital Loan Fund (endowment fund)
ECLFElbert County Libraries Foundation (Elizabeth, CO)
ECLFEdmonton Community Loan Fund (Edmonton Financial Literacy Society; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
ECLFEuropean Competition Lawyers Forum (est. 1994; EU)
ECLFExperienced Civilian Labor Force (socioeconomics)
ECLFEmployed Civilian Labor Force (demographic)
ECLFEast Coast Lesbian Festival
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For 2009-10, ECLF reported a PAT of Rs.782.80 million, against a PAT of Rs.666.10 million for 2008-09.
V[C.sub.p][rho]([T.sub.set]-[]) = (ECLF)Q (13)
For convenient use of the ECLF database in future, the room cooling load should be the cooling load in well-mixing ventilation (ASHRAE 2005).
The ECLF values in the FER system require further investigation.
This study proposed the framework of the ECLF method.
In this paper, a numerical method was developed to generate effective cooling load factors (ECLFs) for STRAD systems.
For STRAD systems with ducted floor-level air supply and upper level exhaust, the definition of the ECLFs ([ECLF.sub.i]) for each heat source can be written as
Here, a novel method of obtaining the ECLFs using CFD techniques is proposed.
Since indoor radiant heat transfer relates to heat source location and room geometry, the ECLFs would change with the room height.
"The strong start and building momentum is very encouraging," said Helmer Schweizer, president of EUROMCONTACT, one of the group's which has formed ECLF.
ECLF, a subsidiary of Edelweiss Capital, was set up in July 2005 to manage the Edelweiss group's fund-based businesses.
For 2009-10, ECLF reported a PAT of Rs.782.8 million; it reported a PAT of Rs.666.1 million for 2008-09.