ECLIEuropean Case Law Identifier (EU)
ECLIEarly Childhood Learning Institute (Alexandria, VA)
ECLIEuropean Cultural Landscape Itineraries (Belgium)
ECLIEndothelial Cell Labeling Index
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The new ECLI and ETF that is in development are the first of a series of products that Etho Capital will launch in efforts to build the world's best fossil fuel-free investment solutions with superior environmental, social and financial returns.
Companies included in the ECLI have to meet standards of fossil-free and socially responsible investing.
ECLI will be operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary, retainign an independent status within Quaker, Barry added.
ECLI has also established a sales office in Germany.
I worry, as a specialist in innovative insurance solutions for business, that the amendment has given companies working in high risk trades and industries a huge incentive to offload their ECLI responsibilities.
Then the employer has no further EL insurance responsibilities and the former employees can, quite legally, operate without ECLI themselves.
The need for public liability insurance will often be discussed at the very same meetings as those at which ECLI premiums are fixed.
There will be no benefit to those traders whose annual EL premiums fall below that level - if for instance a company typically pays pounds 200 for ECLI with an insurer who operates on an annual minimum of pounds 500, how much will they save if they become exempt from compulsory EL insurance under the amendment?