ECMEEarly Childhood Mathematics Education
ECMEEuropean Conference on Molecular Electronics
ECMEExpectation-Conditional Maximization Either (algorithm)
ECMEElectronic Continuing Medical Education
ECMEEarly Childhood Multicultural Education
ECMEExpertise et Conseils en Maitrise de l'Energie (French energy consulting firm)
ECMEExpertise Conseil Matériel Électrique (French electrical equipment consultant)
ECMEEconomic Commission for the Middle East
ECMEEclectic Collective of Microphone Executioners (music group)
ECMEEdinburgh Contemporary Music Ensemble (UK)
ECMEElectronic Countermeasures Equipment/Environment
ECMEÉquipement de Contrôle, de Mesure et d'Essai (French: testing and measuring equipment)
ECMEESSO Centre for Mathematics Education (Canada)
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The ECME consists of 123 organizations including the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights and The Egyptian Center for Women's rights.
Rubin, "The ECME Algorithm: A Simple Extension of EM and ECM with Faster Monotone Convergence," Biometrika 81(4), 633-648 (1994).
The reports also found that different municipalities had different application procedures and required different paperwork be submitted, which the ECME considered a violation of election laws.
The ECME added that ministers running in the elections should not take advantage of government assistance.
ECME is led by the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) and includes Al-Andalus Center for Tolerance Studies and Fighting Discrimination, the the Centre for Trade Union and Workers' Services (CTUWS), and Center for Egyptian Women's Legal Assistance.