ECMHEarly Childhood Mental Health (Ohio Department of Mental Health)
ECMHÉtudes pour la Conservation des Monuments Historiques (French: Study of the Preservation of Historical Monuments)
ECMHEfficient Capital Market Hypothesis
ECMHEasy Cast du Multi Hub (computer networking)
ECMHEl Campo Memorial Hospital (El Campo, TX)
ECMHEliza Coffee Memorial Hospital (est. 1919; Alabama)
ECMHEpidermal Crude Membrane Homogenates
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Regentys ECMH is a novel application of extracellular matrix technology using a hydrogel bio-scaffold to enable the body to protect damaged tissue as it undertakes its natural healing process.
All the members of OHEL's ECMH team have taken the accreditation exam for Triple P- Positive Parenting Program.
Importantly, the possibility of price discontinuity does not require discarding even the semi-strong version of the ECMH hypothesis.
Because the ECMH has at times enjoyed thorough acceptance in the
As a first step, the Court recommitted itself to the proposition that "reliance is an element of a Rule 10b-5 cause of action." (80) Then, although denying that its holding required full acceptance of the ECMH, (81) the Court did, in fact, implicitly adopt a form of the ECMH in justifying a presumption of reliance.
Traditional ECMH makes a relatively modest claim respecting the informativeness of the market price.
Under the ECMH, prices should at any time fully reflect all available information.
The pilot project was very successful in building a solid foundation for the Early Childhood Mental Health (ECMH) Consultation Program.
(59.) The proposition that stock markets are efficient has been formalized in the well-known "Efficient Capital Markets Hypothesis" (ECMH).
895, 910-11 (1992) (introducing the Basic Court's introduction of the efficient capital market hypothesis (ECMH) into legal doctrine and its rationale for doing so); Jonathan R.
most applications of the ECMH, the translation of legal doctrine to