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ECMLEuropean Conference on Machine Learning
ECMLEast Coast Main Line (UK railway line)
ECMLEuropean Centre for Modern Languages
ECMLElectronic Commerce Modeling Language
ECMLEuropean Centre for Media Literacy (EU consortium)
ECMLÉcole de Conception et Maintenance de Logiciels (French: Software Design and Maintenance School)
ECMLEnsemble Choral Mixte de Lyon (French: Mixed Ensemble Choir of Lyon; Lyon, France)
ECMLEvolutionary Computation and Machine Learning Group
ECMLEau Confort des Monts du Lyonnais (French water treatment company)
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Leaders are calling for the ECML to be upgraded so it can cope with 140mph trains, and for the line to be extended to four tracks north of York rather than the current two -- a problem which means the network struggles to cope at times of disruption.
Council leaders and the chair of North East Local Enterprise Partnership have written to Allan Cook, the new chairman of HS2, urging him to make sure the ECML is "HS2 ready".
EFFICIENCY SCORE DERIVED FROM SFA Company name Efficiency MAY 0.8357 PBK 0.9164 CIMB 0.8812 HLBK 0.8992 RHBBANK 0.8901 HLFG 0.9233 AMM 0.8452 BIMB 0.9279 AHB 0.8706 LPI 0.9145 STMB 0.9379 ALLZ 0.9502 MNRB 0.928 MHBS 0.8784 PO 0.7602 MBS 0.9358 BURSA 0.8618 ACSM 0.9638 INS 0.9367 RCE 0.9226 APX 0.8461 JOH 0.5857 ECML 0.8818 HLG 0.9347 TAE 0.8434 MAA 0.8309 Average 0.8809 Source: Data from historical data of Bloomberg terminal.
of the ECML Workshop on Adaptive Text Extraction and Mining.
Under the terms of the agreement, Vodafone will buy the 22% in VEL owned by Essar Communications (Mauritius) Limited (ECML) for net USD3.32bn, after withholding tax of USD880m, and the 11% from Essara[euro](tm)s firm ETHL Communications Holdings Limited (ECHL) for USD1.26bn, the buyer said in a press release.
Rotten, "Evolutionary Motion Planning for Mobile Robots," ECML Workshop on Intelligent Robotics, Greece, 25-29 April 1995.
What is to be nationalised is the operation of most of the long distance train services on the ECML - those currently run by National Express.
ecml, ecm2, and ecrn3 stand, respectively, for the first ([[??].sub.1]), second ([[??].sub.2]), and third ([[??].sub.3]) cointegration relationships; t-values in brackets.
In: Proceedings of the Poster Papers of the European Conference on Machine Learning (ECML '97), 23-25 April 1997, Prague, Czech Republic.
However, it must also acknowledge the linkages to other regions, and particularly northwards into Scotland along the main arterial routes provided by the East Coast Main Line (ECML) and the A1.
The Electronic Commerce Modeling Language (ECML) ( is an initiative, very much in the same spirit as CBL, which provides a set of simple guidelines for Web merchants that enable electronic wallets from multiple vendors to fill in their Web forms.