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ECMPEqual Cost Multi Path
ECMPEqual Cost Multi-Path
ECMPEnvironmental, Civil and Mining Projects (South Africa)
ECMPEssex Chamber Music Players (Andover, MA)
ECMPExperimental Condensed Matter Physics
ECMPÉlectricité Chauffage Ménager Plomberie (French: Household Plumbing Heating Electrical)
ECMPEiffage Construction Midi Pyrénées (French construction company)
ECMPEasier, Cheaper and More Personalised (Australia)
ECMPÉtudes et Chantiers Midi-Pyrénées (French volunteer association)
ECMPEarly Childhood Meeting Place (Indiana)
ECMPEXPRESS (Explicitly Requested Single Source) Count Management Protocol (computer networking)
ECMPElectro-Chemical Mechanical Planarization
ECMPElectronic Counter Measure Pod (gaming)
ECMPElectronic Commerce Messaging Protocol
ECMPEnterprise Content Management Practitioner
ECMPECS Configuration Management Plan
ECMPElectronic Content Management Practitioner
ECMPEnterprise Change Management Professional (certification)
ECMPEnvironmental Compliance Management Plan
ECMPElliptical Corrugated Metal Pipe (civil engineering)
ECMPEngine Care Maintenance Plan (aviation)
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El modelo con menor puntaje en base a la sumatoria de los indicadores fue seleccionado como el mejor, en base a lo siguiente: en el caso del [R.sup.2] sera el de mayor valor y tomara el valor 1, cuando se aproxime a este (escala de 0-1) y en los indicadores de prediccion (ECMP; AIC y BIC) los que mas se acercan a cero.
In intra-data center networks, it is known that hashing based ECMP leads to suboptimal performance due to flow size imbalance.
where [r.sub.vrp][member of][R.sup.3] is the VRP position, [r.sub.cmp][member of][R.sup.3] is the eCMP position, and
The ECMP is a questionnaire developed specifically for this study that was used to identify distressing combat and noncombat events that met the DSM-IV Criterion A for PTSD (qualifying stressor).
[10.] Xi, K., Liu, Y., Chao, H.: Enabling Flow-based Routing Control in Data Center Networks using Probe and ECMP. In: Proc.
In some algorithms these tasks are easily separable, like in the case of equal-cost multi-path (ECMP), where the demand from the source to the destination is split uniformly between all equal-cost shortest paths.
When compared to current shipping versions of ZebOS, ZebOS-XP has up to 8X ECMP route scaling for Layer 3 unicast routing protocols, and significantly improved convergence time for Layer 2 Switching and Layer 3 unicast routing.
These are resiliency, high availability, low latency, equal cost multi-path routing (ECMP) and consistent policy enforcement.
The report and related information is now online at http://