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ECMSEnterprise Content Management System (database)
ECMSEmployé de Commerce Multi-Spécialités (French: Multi-Specialty Commerce Employee; education)
ECMSEnterprise Content Management Server (Libertas)
ECMSEnquête Canadienne sur les Mesures de la Santé (French: Survey on Canadian Health Measures; Canada)
ECMSEastman Community Music School (University of Rochester; Rochester, NY)
ECMSEngineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences (University of Adelaide; Australia)
ECMSElectronic Copyright Management Systems
ECMSEgyptian Company for Mobile Services (est. 1998)
ECMSEnterprise Configuration Management System
ECMSEnterprise Content Management Solution
ECMSEuropean Community Member States
ECMSExtended Change Management System
ECMSEnergy Case Management System (US DOL)
ECMSElectronic Client Management System
ECMSElite Content Management System (software)
ECMSEnhanced Crisis Management System
ECMSEnvironmental Corrosion Monitoring System
ECMSEngine Configuration Management System
ECMSEnvironmental Control and Monitoring System
ECMSEmily Carr Middle School (Canada)
ECMSEnterprise Content Management Specialist Enterprise Content Management Specialist
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We believe this transaction provides a solid basis for our continued partnership with OTMT in ECMS," said France Telecom Chief Executive Stephane Richard in a statement.
ECS Founder and Executive Director Alison Suffet Diaz and ECMS Principal Kami Cotler
Stephane Richard, chairman and CEO of France Telecom said: "We believe this transaction provides a solid basis for our continued partnership with OTMT in ECMS.
Shares in ECMS and Sawiris' holding OTMT opened slightly higher when they recommenced trading on Monday after being suspended on Sunday in anticipation of a Mobinil announcement.
The Egyptian market regulator had said during the row that France Telecom must bid for all ECMS shares.
France Telecom (EPA:FTE) said on Tuesday it would appeal the decision of Egypt's stock market regulator, which once more rejected its bid to take over the Egyptian Company for Mobile Services, or ECMS (CAI:EMOB).
Summary: Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris is leaving the chairmanship of Egyptian mobile operator ECMS, the company said on Sunday.
ECMS and CK Howard Sales Agency complement each other by implementing state-of-the-art monitoring and control processes and then recommending the best product lines, creating productive, efficient and cost effective heat exchange systems for any project.
The goal of the introduction of the ECMS is, on the one hand, to map the formal file processing in the area of the administration and service units with the help of the ECMS (different workflows and internal regulations of the document management have to be redefined), on the other the ECMS also over the focus of the administrative and Service units in higher education.
Recognizing a void in the ECMS marketplace and the benefit of reducing the cost and complexity of CMS implementation for the typical business user, Readyportal created a flexible and easy to use ECMS product and pioneered its use on the pay-as-you-go, on-demand SaaS platform.
Earlier this year, OT and France Telecom, both of which owned shares in Egyptian Company for Mobile Services (ECMS), known by its brand name Mobinil, resolved a protracted disputed over ownership of ECMS.