ECMTEuropean Conference of Ministers of Transport
ECMTEnterprise Cluster Master Toolkit (Hewlitt-Packard Development Company, LP)
ECMTEuropean Continuing Medical Training
ECMTEnhanced Cash Management Trust (Commercial Nominees of Australia Ltd.)
ECMTEmerald City Multisport Team (Seattle, WA)
ECMTEast Coast and Midlands Tourism (Ireland)
ECMTEtobicoke Conflict Mediation Team (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
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ECMT is an effective intervention for chronic noninsertional Achilles tendonopathy.
The purpose of this article is to explore the failure of the sectoral approach in the case of mobility and explain the foundation of the ECMT in its particular institutional design.
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With transport--the major infrastructure pre-occupation in New Zealand, apart from electricity (see Chapter 2)--recent international reviews were unable to find a robust link between transport infrastructure and economic growth (10) (ECMT, 2002).
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The Council of Ministers of Transport, supported by the European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT), was used primarily as a forum for the exchange of ideas.
In addition, a large part of the transit traffic uses the parallel European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) permits, which are not sublected to eco-points.
Charles Daly follows their good-quality entry in the 1911 market with the ECMT (Enhanced Custom Match Target), a Government model with adjustable sights, easy trigger, checkered frontstrap and mainspring housing, with a suggested retail price of only $710.
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