ECMWFEuropean Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (Reading, UK)
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Nombre ERA-Interim NOAA-WWIII Modelo Wave prediction Model WaveWatch m (Tolman, 2014) (WAM, The WAMDI group, 1988) Resolucion 0,25[grados]x0,25[grados] 1,25[grados] y 1[grados] espacial hasta 3[grados]x3[grados] Resolucion cada 6 h cada 3 h temporal Cobertura Global 78S-78N espacial Forzantes ECMW Viento operacional de viento (NWWIII) Forzantes ECMWF Campos de Hielo de la base de Hielo ETOPOl Batimetria GEBCO ETOP02 Parametros [H.
More recent studies of the ASCAT-A and ASCAT-B (ASCAT measurements from MetOp-A and MetOp-B) data assimilation into the ECMWF by De Chiara et al.
Under the terms of this new contract, Cray will expand and upgrade the supercomputers at ECMWF to Cray XC40 systems, which will include next-generation Intel Xeon processors.
The high resolution of the ECMWF model means it's much better at what's called 'initialization' 6 the entering of initial atmospheric conditions which the forecast is built upon.
The atmospheric component of S4 is the cycle 36r4 of the ECMWF Integrated Forecast System (IFS) (Kim et al.
ECMWF provides numerical forecasts to its member and co-operating states and they are responsible to prepare forecasts for the public and advise the authorities in their own countries," said ECMWF scientist Anna Ghelli.
The Linux Networx cluster provides impressive performance capabilities and ECMWF is excited about the potential of this technology.
In the workflow execution, the output of a model is input into another one, and to include also datasets coming from particular data repositories (topography, ECMWF, measures, etc.
8 based on the simulation results carried out by ECMWF.
According to Cray, its multi-petaflops supercomputing infrastructure at ECMWF is designed for operational resiliency featuring two Cray XC30 systems and a multi-petabyte Cray Sonexion storage system.