ECNIEquality Commission for Northern Ireland (UK)
ECNIElectron-Capture Negative-Ion (spectrometry)
ECNIEuropean Confederation of Nautical Industries
ECNIÉchelle Collective de Niveau Intellectuel (French: Collective Intellectual Level Scale)
ECNIEyeCashNetworks, Inc. (Glendale, CA)
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ECNI focuses on revenue growth for companies using online channels of collaboration for customers, partners and employees and is dedicated to helping ISVs grow their SaaS market share and impact business performance by utilising infrastructure and collaborative technologies powered by the company.
We analyzed both neutral and methylated phenolic fractions using GC/MS [Agilent 6890/5973, with an electron capture negative ionization (ECNI) ion source (Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, CA)].
Individual methyl derivatives prepared after methylation of authentic reference standards were injected in the gas chromatograph (GC)/mass spectrometer operated in electron capture negative ionization (ECNI) full scan mode.
We performed the cleanup procedure with sulfuric acid lipid removal, and quantitative analyses of PBDEs by gas chromatography--mass spectrometry [electron capture negative ion (ECNI) monitoring, m/z = 79, 81] as previously described in detail for the individual studies (Sjodin et al.
Ionization was performed in electron-capture negative ionization (ECNI) mode, using methane as reagent gas.
The mass spectrometer was operated in electron capture negative ionization (ECNI) mode using methane as the buffer gas.