ECODEcumenical Church of the Divine
ECODEthoxycoumarin O-Deethylase (enzyme)
ECODEstimated Cost Of Damage
ECODEvangelical Coalition on Drugs
ECODExport Control Operations Division
ECODElectronic Collect on Delivery
ECODElectrical Charging of Droplet
ECODEast Coast One Design
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'Ecod, sir, he was Pitching into our people the other day in the most tremendous manner.
'Ecod, sir,' returned Young Barnacle, 'he said he wanted to know, you know!
"Ecod," replied Wemmick, shaking his head, "that's not my trade."
Ecod, when I say to him, "What do you want here, young man?
Ecod, he saws away at Mozart and Handel and the rest of the big-wigs like a thorough workman.
'Ecod,' said Mr Browdie, laughing boisterously, 'they dean't put too much intiv'em.
Frecuencia unidades de Codigo Categoria significado no % Estrategias metodologicas Practicas en campo clinico 12 20,0 de ensenanza con enfoque Simulacion Clinica 10 16,7 constructivista (EMCO) Talleres 11 18,3 Laboratorios 9 15,0 Audiovisual (pelicula/video) 4 6, 7 Analisis caso clinico 3 5,0 Juego de roles 2 3, 3 Analisis documentos 2 3, 3 Estrategias metodologicas Clases 4 6,7 de ensenanza con enfoque Lectura textos 2 3,3 conductista (ECOD) Interrogacion 1 1,7 TOTAL 60 100 Fuente: elaboracion propia basada en los datos obtenidos en el estudio Tabla 3.
* September 18, 2015: ECOD 3 :3 GTGs in SC - 664.2 MW (achieved ten days early)
Figure 3 and Supplementary Table 1 show a slight but significant decrease (29%) of ECOD in 30-day-old MPR animals.
The expression of CYP2B1/2 and its associated ECOD activity represents the counterpart of human CYP2B6.
"Ay, Jone, sin' we coom i'Grinfilt for t'dwell, We'n had mony a bare meal, aw con vara weel tell." "Bare meal, ecod! Ay, that aw vara weel know, There's bin two days this wick 'ot wey'n had nowt at o' nothing at all Aw'm vara near sided, afore aw'll abide it, I've almost decided Aw'll feight oather Spanish or French." Then says my Noant Marget, "Ah!
Cytochrome P450 assessed as EROD did not exhibit any change, whereas ECOD increased in specimens from sites 3 and 5.