ECODRIVEREnergy Conversion and Driveline Efficient Reengineering
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The jury heard that the Ecodriver telematics system used to monitor the standards of Stagecoach's drivers gave each one a score.
In response to the industry's need for cost-efficiency and sustainability, as well as addressing rising energy prices, Engel says it has developed the new ecodriveR as a retrofit solution that is "reasonably priced" and "can be fitted with little hassle" to significantly increase the saving potential of older injection moulding machines to bring them inline with the efficiency capabilities of newer, more modern models.
ecodriveR is the next generation of Engel's servo-hydraulic drive system, ecodrive.
Engel says new ecodriveR means hydraulic injection moulding machines with an asynchronous motor and electric-hydraulic variable capacity pumps (EHVs) can now be controlled according to demand as well.
"Since a machine's hydraulic system remains the same when it is retrofitted, ecodriveR allows us to adapt older injection moulding machines to the requirements of modern production companies quite quickly and at a relatively low cost," he commented.
As with the original ecodrive principle, Engel says the drives of an injection moulding machine with the retrofitted ecodriveR are only active when the machine is in movement, such as during mould opening and closing, plasticising and injecting.
Toyota bucks the trend by having a couple of engine mock-ups and the "Ecodriver Simulator" which aims to test your green driving credentials.
It included green initiatives like the introduction of a blue flag scheme that rewards clean cities - similar to ones that operate on clean beaches across Europe, tax breaks for people who take ecodriver courses and completely traffic and pollution-free 'clear zone' city centres.
Richard Hands, operations manager at the Leamington depot, said: "Once again Dariusz has achieved the best ecodriver score throughout the year, which clearly demonstrates his ability to provide our passengers with a safe and enjoyable journey."
Stagecoach used its hitech ecodriver monitoring system on the dash, which measures the driver's performance when accelerating, breaking, cornering and idling.
(2007) application of fuzzy techniques to develop an assessment framework for building design ecodrivers, Building and Environment, 42(11), pp.