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ECOFFExtended Common Object File Format
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EUCAST ise klinik sinir degerlerle birlikte epidemiyolojik esik deger ("epidemiological cutoff", ECOFF) olarak tanimlanan sokak tipi bakterilerde de (fenotipik olarak direnc gostermeyen) en yuksek minimal inhibitor konsantrasyonu (MIC) belirlemektedir.
albicans isolates for echinocandins: particularly, for both anidulafungin and micafungin, we noticed that 64 isolates out of 89 (71.9%) and 41 strains out of 89 (46.1%), respectively, showed a MIC value close to clinical breakpoint (Figure 3) and in this context it is important to underline that CB is equivalent to epidemiological cut-off (ECOFF) as defined by EUCAST.
Elements that are not the same should be clearly different and important information should be obvious (Ecoff & Stichler, 2015; Reynolds, 2014).
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All strains with an inhibition zone diameter [greater than or equal to] 24mm had an MIC value [less than or equal to] 0.25 [micro]g/mL, the calculated ECOFF value (Fig.
To insure systematic, thorough exploration of the problem and to organize policy development, the Evidence-Based Practice Institute Model was followed (see Figure 2) (Brown & Ecoff, 2007).
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Several studies have explored nurses' perceived facilitators and barriers to using EBP (Bevan & Pelosi-Kelly, 2006; Brown, Wickline, Ecoff, & Glaser, 2008; Leasure, Stirlen, & Thompson, 2008; Majid et al., 2011; Schoonover, 2009; Tannery, Wessel, Epstein, & Gadd, 2007).
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