ECOHISEarly Childhood Oral Health Impact Scale
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The ANOVA statistic showed that the impact on quality of life (ECOHIS scores) was associated with ECC (Table 3).
As shown in the literature, there is no specific instrument for assessing the impact of dental caries, and thus we used a Brazilian Portuguese-validated instrument aimed at assessing the OHRQoL in children, namely, the ECOHIS. This instrument is considered valid and reliable for Brazilian children.
The question on feeling guilty was taken from the ECOHIS questionnaire, and the answer to this question was used as dependent variable.
In the present study, parental guilt was assessed using one question from the ECOHIS questionnaire, but during its validation, (25) a significant correlation was found between the section containing the question on guilt and the children's dental health (r = 0.30).
Additionally comparable calculations were made for the short version of the PPQ and FIS (Early Childhood Oral Health Impact Scale, ECOHIS [Pahel et al., 2007]).
Interestingly, the short version, which can be used for the 3-5 year olds according to the ECOHIS [Pahel et al., 2007], also showed a positive change in children's OHRQoL and had a lower number of "DK" and "Never" responses.
(31) fatores socioeconomicos poderiam confundir a associacao de acometimentos bucais com QV, assim, os autores avaliaram a relacao entre fatores socioeconomicos com o impacto da carie da primeira infancia (ECC), lesoes traumaticas dentarias e maloclusao na QVRSB por meio da aplicacao do ECOHIS a 260 pais de criancas de 2 a 5 anos.
Instrumento Faixa Respondente Dominios etaria [CPQ.sub.11-14] * 11-14 anos Crianca Sintomas bucais, Limitacoes funcionais, Bem-estar emocional, Bem-estar social [CPQ.sub.8-10] * 8-10 anos Crianca P-CPQ * 6-14 anos Pais/ Responsaveis CHILD-OIDP 11-12 anos Crianca Atividades diarias relacionadas ao desempenho fisico, psicologico e social ECOHIS 3-5 anos Pais/ Subescala crianca responsaveis Subescala familia FIS * ([seccion]) 6-14 anos Pais e Atividade dos pais familiares /familia Emocoes dos pais Conflito familiar Encargos finaceiros Instrumento No de Referencia itens Versao em Portugues [CPQ.sub.11-14] * 37 Goursand et al.