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ECOLOEcologistes Confédérés pour l'Organisation de Luttes Originales (Walloon: Green Political Party; Belgium)
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Incendios, agricultura migratoria y extraccion de productos forestales contribuyen a la perdida de habitat y desencadenan cambios ecolo gicos que interactuan de manera sinergica en los bosques afectados; a ello se agrega el impacto de la fragmentacion (Laurance et al., 2002).
The parties in the current House are the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) 27 seats; Francophone Socialists (PS) 26 seats; Francophone Liberals (MR) 18 seats; Christian Democrats (CD&V) 17 seats; Flemish Liberals (Open VLD) 13 seats; Flemish Socialists (SP.A) 13 seats; Flemish Far Right (VB) 12 seats; Francophone Democratic and Humanist Center (CDH) 9 seats; Francophone Greens (Ecolo) 8 seats; Flemish Greens (Groen!) 5 seats; List Dedecker 1 seat; Francophone People's Party (PP) 1 seat.
Such latrine use is observed in carnivore species from contrasting phylogenetic backgrounds, geographic distributions and ecolo gy; e.g.
FLANDERS 04/06 27/05 04/05 2007 vote N-VA 25.2 26 22.9 - * CD&V 19.0 19.5 18.9 29.6* OpenVLD 13.9 12.4 14.8 18.8 SP.A 13.8 16 14.2 16.3 Groen 8.2 7.8 7.9 6.3 Vlaams Belang 11.5 10.3 12.5 19.0 Lijst Dedecker 6.6 5.4 3.9 6.5 * In the 2007 election, CD&V and N-VA were in alliance Parties: N-VA (Flemish separatist New Flemish Alliance), CD&V (Christian Democrats), Open VLD (Liberals), SP.A (Socialists), Groen (Greens) Vlaams Belang (far-right Flemish separatist party), Lijst Dedecker (Flemish separatists) WALLONIA 04/05 2007 vote PS 32.5 29.5 MR 21.1 31.2 CdH 18.2 15.8 Ecolo 17.6 12.8 Front National 2.9 5.6 PS (Socialists), MR (centre-right Liberals), CdH (Humanist Democratic Centre, similar to Christian Democrats), Ecolo (Greens), Front National (far right)
O relacionamento entre identidade cultural, modernizacao rural e etica ambiental e analisada na Amazonia Central e Ocidental com o intuito de avaliar interpretacOes do estruturalismo e darwinismo economico, do marxismo, da ecolo gia espiritual e da ecologia politica.
The Ecolo Party gained two seats instead of one thanks to a leap to 13.13 points against 9.84% in 2004.
Included too was a flyer for the Ecolo Parade, a green parade fashioned after Berlin's Love Parade and San Francisco's and New York's Pride events.
Operates as Ecolo Odor Control Systems Worldwide and NuTech
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