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ECOMILEcowas Mission in Liberia
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While the mostly Acholi women were displaced due to fighting between the government and insurgent groups, mainly the LRA in the 1990s, women in Liberia were displaced due to fighting between rebel groups, between rebel groups and the government, and between rebel groups and ECOMIL troops.
Decisions made by ECOMIL or various outside governments to intervene in the war on the side of the government or insurgent groups were not made with the safety and well being of Liberians in mind let alone women and girls.
And one of the things I have said all along was that we are there to help ECOMIL do its job by providing the conditions necessary for the arrival of relief.
The decision is for us to help ECOMIL do its job of getting humanitarian relief to the people in Liberia.
THE PRESIDENT: This is all part of determining what is necessary to help ECOWAS -- now called ECOMIL -- to go in and provide the conditions necessary for humanitarian relief to arrive, whether it be by sea or by air.