ECOMOGECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) Monitoring Group
ECOMOGEconomic Community of West African States Monitoring Group
ECOMOGEvery Change Occurs Musically over Generations (band)
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Herbert Howe, "Lessons of Liberia: ECOMOG and Regional Peacekeeping," International Security 21, no.
17) Contudo, diante da insurreicao militar ocorrida em abril de 2010, a Uniao Europeia, que havia lancado a reforma do setor de seguranca, encerrou a iniciativa em protesto, ficando a ECOMOG e a CPLP na missao de somar forcas para apoiar a iniciativa.
53) Further, not only did the ECOMOG force ally itself with belligerent groups accused of human rights violations, but the force itself was also accused of human rights violations, albeit outside the safe area.
The women's peace movement in Liberia was deeply linked to external actors and began to build strong international links early in the career of ECOMOG peacekeeping.
The accord called for an international peacekeeping force run initially by both ECOMOG and the United Nations.
125) Not only was the conflict in Sierra Leone similar to Liberia, but it also had a direct link, as Charles Taylor had sent troops across the border from Liberia in March 1991 in retaliation for Sierra Leone's provision of an ECOMOG base in 1990.
On 30 August 1997, ECOWAS responded by sending in ECOMOG troops with a mandate to restore law and order in Sierra Leone, accomplished its mission by removing the military government from power in February 1998.
ECOMOG peacekeepers protected the capital (although they also stood accused of summary executions, rapes, and murders), but seemed unable to defeat the RUF and its allies.
The inevitable slide into civil war had to be contained through external military intervention, first by Senegal and Guinea, and then by ECOWAS, through the ECOWAS Monitoring Group, ECOMOG (Adebajo, 2002).
Attempted intervention by regional groups, such as that of ECOMOG (Economic Community of West African States Cease-fire Monitoring Group) only seemed to add an additional party to the fighting.
Ten months later, Nigerian troops, acting under the authority of ECOMOG, reinstalled the Kabbah government.
20) En sonunda uluslararasi camia UNOMIL'in kurulmasiyla harekete gectiginde, bu tepki son derece zayif kaldi; ECOMOG ile iliskiler kotu islemekteydi ve zaten yanlis sebeplerden giri silmisti.