ECOMOGEconomic Community of West African States Monitoring Group
ECOMOGEvery Change Occurs Musically over Generations (band)
ECOMOGECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) Monitoring Group
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This is however more of an all-up cost which does not bear much relation to the contributions ECOWAS countries were making towards the upkeep of ECOMOG.
The United States also conducts small unit training exercises under the Joint Combined Education Training program; the OAU provides equipment to improve conflict management and early warning capability and supports subregional peacekeeping forces like ECOMOG in Liberia.
He was 12 and stopped by an ECOMOG guard at the Aberdeen Bridge.
As the ECOMOG soldiers fought to regain control, rebels forced residents into the streets to serve as human shields.
the USA did not give full support to the efforts of ECOMOG,'' Ikimi said.
53) Further, not only did the ECOMOG force ally itself with belligerent groups accused of human rights violations, but the force itself was also accused of human rights violations, albeit outside the safe area.
National records put the total spent on ECOMOG by past military governments at $8 billion.
In July 1997, Sierra Leone was suspended from the Commonwealth; in October, the UN Security Council imposed sanctions against Sierra Leone and in February 1998, ECOMOG forced AFRC/RUF out of Freetown in an action that resulted in heavy civilian and military casualties but led to Kabbah's triumphant return in March 1998.
The rebels were very aggressive, often fighting amongst themselves, Asumpta recalled, and they often used the girls as human shields when attacking areas under the surveillance of the west African peace keeping force, ECOMOG.
4) Initially designed for a brief operation in Liberia, ECOMOG has since deployed in two other states as well, Guinea-Bissau and Sierra Leone.
The short answer is probably In the half dozen years that the problem of small arms proliferation has been on the international agenda, it has already spurred several important regional initiatives, including those of the OAS and ECOMOG.
Agence-France Presse, "Ex-mercenaries, ECOMOG and UN Workers Ensure Security in Sierra Leone," 10 December 1999.