ECOMOGECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) Monitoring Group
ECOMOGEconomic Community of West African States Monitoring Group
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Also speaking, Nigeria's first Battalion Commander under ECOMOG during Liberia's civil crisis, Retired General Yakubu Usman recalls that he was here about 29 years ago when the Roberts International Airport (RIA) where he was being interviewed, was a no - go area during the crisis.
As Tavares (2011) observes, the intervention of ECOWAS in Liberia "was directed by Nigeria, which contributed 90 percent of the funds (roughly US$2 billion and 80 percent of the ECOMOG troops." Similarly, though the 1998 intervention in Lesotho "was part of an SADC Combined Task Force ...
Given the control that the RUF enjoyed on the ground and its successful resistance against ECOMOG peacekeeping forces, the only alternative solution seems to have been a considerable expansion of international military forces in Sierra Leone, a solution that received little support outside Sierra Leone.
(22) Nigeria's lead in the intervention in Liberia as a part of ECOMOG comes to mind as a relatively successful subregional operation generally looked upon with respect by the international community.
For Liberia, a 1993 estimate suggests the ECOMOG mission cost $500 million, with the US government covering some costs and an additional $259 million over the same period in humanitarian assistance.
The factions continued to fragment and the conflict destabilized Sierra Leone and drew in peacekeeping units, notably from the Economic Community of West African States, under the acronym ECOMOG. From 1993 on, ECOMOG was joined by a UN PKO, UNOMIL.
In March 1998 the Nigerian-led ECOMOG forces ousted the AFRC junta after 10 months in office, and reinstated the democratically elected government of President Kabbah.
He was Nigeria's Defense minister when ECOMOG was set up; hence he sustained it, until elections were conducted in Liberia in 1997, which saw the same Charles Taylor that started the crises emerging as the president.
In response, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) created a transnational peacekeeping force (ECOMOG) to intervene and protect the civilian population from the ongoing atrocity crimes.
Examples are the Nigerian military inputs in the West African Peace Keeping Operations (ECOMOG) in Liberia and Sierra Leone, as well as in the UN Peace Keeping Missions worldwide.
EoACA[pounds sterling]Nigeria, as well as ECOWAS, has had enough lessons to learn from the military intervention in Liberia and Sierra Leone under the banner of ECOMOG,EoACA[yen] the business group said a statement obtained by PANA here Tuesday.