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ECONEconomics (course)
ECONEconomy (minimum cost speed schedule)
ECONCentre for Economic Analysis
ECONEuropean Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee
ECONEastern Coalition of Nations (Star Trek)
ECONEconomic Corporation of Newport (New Hampshire)
ECONEmployer Contracting Out Number (UK)
ECONElectronic Computer-Originated Mail
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Christian Buchmann chaired the ECON commission for the last two and a half years putting special emphasis on smart regulations and support for small and medium sized enterprises.
But the river is navigable by paddle craft, and holds the fish the Econ is known for-largemouth bass, redbellies (redbreast sunfish), and stumpknockers (spotted sunfish).
Upon closing, Econ Industria e Comercio de Produtos de Higiene e Limpeza Ltda's business operations will be integrated with Ecolab's existing Brazil Institutional business.
They fled back to the Transit, pursued by Econ worker Roman Coombes.
But Swinburne has called for market participants to challenge the proposals in the ECON paper in the areas of post-trade data quality, the creation of a consolidated tape and regulation of dark pools.
This means that the importance of the oil industry for Norwegian economy will decline in the future," senior consultant Erling Kvadsheim with Econ Poyry told regional daily Stavanger Aftenblad.
The ECON 09 sessions will begin June 30 when Dan O'Connor, chief executive officer of RetailNet Group, will examine current economic indicators and look ahead to what will lead to the end of the recession, why getting there is important and what it means for retailers and manufacturers as they develop their plans for next year's first two quarters.
NACDS Econ 09 also brought an expert to the NACDS Retail Advisory Board meeting last month and will provide programs at the Annual Meeting, Marketplace Conference, Pharmacy & Technology Conference and FrontoEnd Roundtable.
The Econ utilizes the powerful 400 watt servo drive as with all other models in the H400 range and has a maximum speed of 30 m.
We know that today's students live in a multimedia world, so ECON 201 is also designed to provide the visual excitement and intrigue to keep them engaged.
Data Translation announces the DT9816, a new simultaneous input, low-cost data acquisition module as part of their ECON series for USB 2.