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ECOOEducational Computing Organization of Ontario
ECOOEuropean Council of Optometry and Optics (UK)
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The ECOO report called for a standardised visual acuity assessment across Europe and the UK and emphasised that the number plate test was not an adequate measure of visual acuity.
Speaking to OT about the importance of the Blue Book, past president of ECOO, Dr Julie-Anne Little (pictured), explained: "The strength to publishing this data in this format is that you are showing a comparison against countries, and it is those comparisons which make the data interesting.
The Blue Book was originally created by ECOO in 2008 and is a tool which offers a better understanding of the professional landscape of optometry and optics in Europe.
Consequently, ECOO has pledged to update the book "on a regular basis," and to capture the data as a 'snapshot' every two years.
However, despite the work from ECOO and individual EU member states, there remain an estimated 20 million people affected by sight loss within Europe, two-thirds of which is avoidable.
As a body, ECOO was established in 1960 to "improve vision and eye health by providing high quality, comprehensive optometric and optical services across Europe.
The UK has always had a strong voice within ECOO and our associations have put in a lot of work helping ECOO's activities"
During her time with ECOO, Dr Little has seen the organisation evolve through many developments, not least the establishment of the European Academy which promotes education and research for optometry and optics.
In general terms, Dr Little explained that over the last 10 to 15 years, ECOO has "certainly grown in size," with more countries partnering under a joint objective.
At the ECOO General Assembly, attendees heard about the important regulatory issues for optical professions.
Also under the spotlight was the ECOO 'Blue Book'--a compilation of national information about optometry and optics and the scope of practice, workforce and educational levels, which is available on the ECOO website.
Working together with others on World Sight Day has been a great opportunity for ECOO to be part of this public awareness campaign.