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ECOOPEuropean Conference on Object-Oriented Programming
ECOOPEuropean Championship of Online Poker
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com/)today announces the start of its Mini ECOOP VI series which will see the ten players before the bubble in each tournament get paid a cash prize exclusively from the site.
The Mini ECOOP series of ten tournaments takes place each evening from May 14 to 23 with a total guaranteed prize pool of over $600,000.
An Overview of Aspect J, ECOOP '01: In: Proceedings of the 15th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, London, UK: Springer-Verlag, pp.
TitanPoker, a US-based online poker gaming company, has announced winners of an opening event of the European Championship of Online Poker ECOOP V series.
But to do that and kick on and win a second ECOOP event is just staggering.
For further details on ECOOP VI, WSOP Blast Off, WSOP Warrior and Irish Winter Festival qualification, please see: http://www.
John "doesalrite" O'Shea Aiming to top Last Year's Double Victory by Securing Fourth ECOOP Title as $4.
Satellites for ECOOP IV will kick off on Boylepoker on Monday, March 16.
FREECOOP can be the way into ECOOP and the big money, so go for it
LAST Monday I played in an ECOOP III tournament (European Championship of Online Poker) on Boylepoker.
At the end of the promotional period, those points will be added up and the BIG MCP earners will be rewarded with free ECOOP tickets.
In European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, ECOOP '2002, LNCS 2374, pages 1-36, 2002.