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ECOPETROLEmpresa Colombiana de Petroleos (Colombia)
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Looking to shake up the state-run company, the government created National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) to oversee the industry, which took charge three years ago of regulatory functions once run by Ecopetrol.
Tambien considera ampliar con Ecopetrol la refineria de Cartagena.
The solid cash position is the result of efficiencies and savings achieved by the Ecopetrol Business Group (Grupo Empresarial Ecopetrol [GEE]), which from 2015 to date totals more than USD1,500m.
As we expected, in order to compliment the local crude diet and maximize margins, the Cartagena refinery has been importing crude since it started up at the end of 2015," Ecopetrol told Argus.
Latin America has been increasing imports of finished fuels from the US to satisfy its growing domestic consumption, but state-run companies such as Ecopetrol, PDVSA, Petroecuador and Petroperu also use the open market to sell crude and refining feedstocks.
1 September 2011 - Fitch confirmed yesterday the national long-term credit rating of Colombian state oil company Ecopetrol (CLB:ECOPETROL) and the rating of Ecopetrol's COP1trn (USD562.
Ecopetrol has so far said that the strike, which was led by workers belonging to the Union Sindical Obrera (USO), will not have an impact on fuel supplies in Colombia.
Preocupada por la merma en la exploracion, Ecopetrol trata de resolver el problema.
During 2011, Ecopetrol accrued a total of approximately USD1,161 million of fuel subsidies payable from the central government.
Ecopetrol America Inc reportedly holds a 30% interest in the new hydrocarbon discovery in the Warrior-two well and is its second discovery in deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico in the past eight months.
In 1993 he joined Ecopetrol, working in the Cartagena Refinery Projects group, afterwards, he went on to BP Exploration, where he worked for 16 years starting as a contract coordinator, then as procurement and contract manager, then human resource manager for the Andean area, and the leader of the Colombian Performance Unit.
78 billion would be endowed in projects of Ecopetrol S.