ECOWAEconomic Community of West African States
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On 29 June, the ECOWAS Commission and its development partners pledged to continue to work towards a common regional trade strategy, build a monetary integration programme, and implement a Common External Tariff (CET).
Dozens of coup supporters stormed the hotel where ECOWAS mediators are staying.
The work includes a technical and economic analysis of the extension of the pipeline conditions; market assessments will be made of possible Ecowas countries to consider where network extension can be substantiated and estimates of the required investments will be made to quantify costs and benefits.
Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and Senegalese leader Macky Sall also arrived in Burkina Faso on Wednesday at Mahama's invitation as part of an ECOWAS leaders delegation.
He equally expressed his gratitude to the ECOWAS Ministers of Health present and the ECOWAS Commission for having ratified his appointment and that of his Deputy, Dr.
A $25 million lawsuit was filed in the ECOWAS Court of Justice in an effort to get compensation for the children.
ECOWAS is a dummy variable equal to 1 if both i and j are ECOWAS members, reflecting intra-ECOWAS trade activities.
The common migration policy, when developed, will provide critical materials for the review and modernisation of the ECOWAS Protocol on the Free Movement of Persons and the Rights of Residency and Establishment," it said.
The African Union has also issued a statement supporting the proposed military intervention, calling upon countries across the continent to support the Ecowas operation logistically.
Countries from outside ECOWAS have also been invited to attend the summit, including South Africa, Mauritania, Morocco, Libya, Algeria and Chad, according to a source from the bloc.
Both Mali's government and the West African regional body Ecowas have made requests for authorisation for an international force to intervene, with Ecowas proposing a force of 3,000.