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ECPAEuropean Crop Protection Association
ECPAEvangelical Christian Publishers Association
ECPAEuropean Commission on Preservation and Access
ECPAEnergy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (est. 2009)
ECPAÉditions du Centre de Psychologie Appliquée (French: Applied Psychology Publishing Center)
ECPAEnergy Conservation and Production Act (US Department of Energy)
ECPAElectronic Communications Privacy Act 1986 (USA)
ECPAElectric Consumers Protection Act of 1986
ECPAExpert Committee on Post Adjustment (UN)
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42) The ECPA was intended to extend privacy protections to new technologies.
applies insights from transnational conflicts cases to ECPA reform
Perhaps most importantly, any legislative reform, both with respect to the ECPA and encryption for law enforcement, should include strict minimization requirements.
Despite the congressional interest in ECPA reform, existing reform proposals mostly nibble at the edges of the 1986 statute.
information, making it content if it were to fall under the ECPA.
The ECPA told Europolitics environment that it had done no more than "legitimately protect the interests of the industry it represents in a legal, transparent and honest manner.
While Fourth Amendment doctrine and the operation of ECPA make it
In fact, ECPA is so out of date that it has left us vulnerable to government snooping in ways most Americans do not appreciate.