ECPINSElectronic Chart Precise Integrated Navigation System (Offshore Systems)
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July 2004: OSI Navigation Systems announced that the Portuguese Navy had informed SICOM, OSI's in-country partner in Portugal and the prime contractor for the installation, that ECPINS had been selected by the Portuguese Navy to transform approximately thirty of their ships from paper-chart based navigation to ECDIS electronic chart-based navigation.
August 2004: OSI announced that the Royal New Zealand Navy had exercised contract options to deploy the latest version of ECPINS across its entire naval fleet.
ECPINS and COP-IDS are trademarks of Offshore Systems Ltd.
We are very pleased that the Royal New Zealand Navy has decided to exercise their options, which will make ECPINS the standard electronic navigation system on all Royal New Zealand Navy ships," said John Jacobson, President and CEO of OSI.
The option portion allowed for the purchase and installation of ECPINS systems on a fleet basis.
This new contract, for the integration of ECPINS into an existing IBS, confirms the Royal Navy s long-term commitment to the company and its technology.
OSI's ECPINS product (Electronic Chart Precise Integrated Navigation System) is the world's leading system for the safe navigation of ships.
To date, the military version of ECPINS has been installed or is contracted to be installed on more than 250 naval vessels among customers which include the Canadian Navy, Royal Australian Navy, Royal Danish Navy, Royal Navy (U.
ECPINS meets numerous international safety and quality standards and gives ship navigators a precise, real-time display of position and progress on electronic charts.
In addition, ECPINS has been selected, but not yet contracted, for installation by the Royal Australian Navy.
Creating strong relationships with the national navy and Defense agencies will increase the probability that ECPINS becomes their standard for fleet-wide navigation systems, leading to significant fleet-wide sales and follow-on revenues.