ECPPCEuropean Copper Plumbing Promotion Campaign (UK)
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The FLAG Anti Death Penalty Task Force where the ECPPC is an active member, Diamante said, will also conduct the first Philippine Congress on Death Penalty in October to generate a deeper awareness of the issue.
The CBCP ECPPC said the death penalty has never been and will never be a solution to the problems of crime.
Last week, during the 13th anniversary of the signing of the law abolishing the death penalty in the country, the CBCP ECPPC has reminded incoming leaders of their responsibility to defend human life in all its stages.
It falls, with particular weight, upon Christian politicians," ECPPC said in a statement.
For one, it seriously considersand vigorously advocatesa shift in the paradigm of justice: from litigation to mediation; prosecution to healing; punishment to reform and rehabilitation: from the retributive to the restorative," the ECPPC added.
"The CBCP ECPPC reiterates that capital punishment is an affront to the human dignity of both those on whom it is inflicted and that in whose name it is employed," added Diamante.
CBCP ECPPC appealed to legislators to resolve to live the Gospel of Life fully and faithfully.
"They are detained because their alleged crimes are not bailable or they can't afford to pay the bail," said Rodolfo Diamante, ECPPC executive secretary.
Based on the ECPPC study, there are 39,127 inmates in penitentiaries and more than half of them or 22,286 inmates are at the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City as of April 2014.
Rodolfo Diamante, ECPPC executive secretary, told the news service of the CBCP that there were about 96,000 inmates across the country but "hundreds" have already been recommended clemency by BPP.
"There must be another way," Bishop Joel Baylon, CBCP ECPPC head said.
CBCP ECPPC Chairman Bishop Joel Baylon said prisoners deserve to be treated "humanely."