ECSATEuropean Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications (European Space Agency; UK)
ECSATEqually-based Community Support and Training (Sri Lanka)
ECSATEuropean Computer Solutions and Trading (Croatia)
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In Sri Lanka, the awareness of disability issues has increased in recent years, thanks to the efforts of organisations like Idiriya and ECSAT (Equality-based Community Support And Training).
Groupe CS, formerly known as the Compagnie des Signaux, has paid an undisclosed sum for Ecsat, a French IT services company which specializes in software development and implementation for Eastern Europe.
The Qualcomm FSM9955 chipset incorporates sophisticated enhanced Carrier Sensing Adaptive Transmission (eCSAT) features for coexistence with Wi-Fi per the latest LTE-U Forum specifications released last October, designed to enable fair sharing of unlicensed spectrum in both below and above Wi-Fis Energy-Detect (ED) threshold scenarios.