ECSGElectronic Commerce Steering Group (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)
ECSGEuropean Company Sport Games (recreational sports tournament)
ECSGEuropean Cooperative Study Group (medical study)
ECSGExecutive Committee Study Group (IEEE)
ECSGExecutive Consultant Select Group (Alliance for Children and Families)
ECSGEuropean Community Study Group (diagnostic medicine)
ECSGÉcole Centrale Supérieur de Génie Informatique et Industriel (French: Central High School of Computer and Industrial Engineering; Madagascar)
ECSGElectronic Commerce Study Group
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If that is the case, other creditors of ECSG are unlikely to see any return, and the prospect of Great Leighs ever returning as a racecourse has almost certainly disappeared beyond recall.
Pointing out that the sale of ECSG involved a new company, Great Leighs Holdings Ltd, Holmes said: "I'm dealing with the day-to-day issues, and my concern is to deliver a clean title for the racecourse, which will satisfy the funders, the new shareholders, the BHA and the racing industry.
Attempts to find a buyer for the allweather track's operating company have been hampered by conditions attached to leases of vital areas of the site, including the stabling and access, which were held by ECSG founder and Great Leighs chairman John Holmes or his associates.
The topics of discussions will include the roles played by the Designated APEC Government Delegate, the Privacy Enforcement Authority (PEA), and the Accountability Agent (AA), as well as the collaboration framework between APEC ECSG, JOP, and APEC Member Economies.
Any new buyer of Great Leighs has to own ECSG and demonstrate to the BHA that the replacement structure would be robust enough to be granted a licence to race.
Neither title belongs directly to ECSG, but are controlled by associates of Holmes, which has made the administrator's task of identifying a buyer at an appropriate price trickier than originally imagined.
Siddle said: "There has to be a stakeholder approach, involving the BHA, RBS, ourselves as administrator, creditors of ECSG Ltd, purchaser, racing operator and the racing public in general.
However, the Racing Post understands that proposals to restructure ECSG have been advanced this week, and a package of refinancing that would be acceptable to creditors is close to being finalised.
Having paid one tranche of pounds 360,000, ECSG remains pounds 1.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Ord Stores : (a) H5 1080-000009 ECSG 50MM GRASS GREEN 32500 MTR (b) H5 1080-000010 ECSG 50MM B GREEN 15480 MTR (c) H5 1080-000011 ECSG 50MM UNDYED 16300 MTR (d) H5 1080-000014 ECSG 75MM UNDYED 50882 MTR (e) H5 1080-000041 ECSG 50MM DARK BROWN 32700 MTR (f) H5 1080-000043 ECSG 75MM DARK BROWN 18600 MTR