EDAEEisenhuttenstadt (airport code; Germany)
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Looked at across time a survey of EDAE becomes a useful tool for tracking the development of the discipline over time and an invaluable tool in assessing the nature of 'progress' or 'advancement' in a discipline such as economics.
Chapter 2 provides a history of EDAE in general and starts with the interesting motivational point that 'so far no complete and detailed history of economic dictionaries has been compiled' (p.
The discussion is drawn from wider source material than just EDAE and goes to the vast literature in economics.
159), or a survey of the surveys of business cycle theories to be found in EDAE. If anything, the moral of the story in this chapter is the sheer difficulty involved in a classification of business cycle theories, not least because of the different levels on which that classification might proceed and that 'any categorization is bound to be unable to fit all contributions into one and only one pigeon-hole' (ibid.).
Parts II (Chapters 5 through 23) and III (Chapters 24 through 28) provide the discussion of EDAE entries proper.
Chapters may also be about a specific dictionary of note, such as the incomplete English language Dictionary of Political Economy, which appeared more than 30 years prior to the first Palgrave; or about EDAE published in a particular language, most notably French and early Spanish dictionaries; or on particular topics within the broad area of crises and cycles, for example, crises and banking, crises and expectations, with these in some cases discussed in the context of a particular author.