EDAPSEmbedded Diagnostics and Prognostics Synchronization
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Following several tests - MRI scans and several in-depth tissue and mechanical analyses - the researchers found that, in the rat model, eDAPS effectively restored original disc structure and function.
This initial success motivated the research team to study eDAPS in goats, and they implanted the device into the cervical spines of some of the animals.
They noticed that the eDAPS integrated well with the surrounding tissue, and the mechanic function of the discs at least matched, if not surpassed, that of the original cervical discs of the goats.
Who would want to be the manager of System A (the EDAP)?
With the first stone laid in 2007, the church was financed by Ukrainian businessman Yuri Sidorenko, 50, chairman of the advisory board of the EDAPS consortium which produces identification documents and information systems such as electronic passports.
Two of us have participated in the development of a system called EDAPS (electromechanical design and planning system) for computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing planning for MWMs (Smith 1997; Hebbar et al.
Yuri Sidorenko, a Russia businessman and chairman of the EDAPS Consortium, who is the warden of the new complex, said the building was constructed for the 200,000 Orthodox church members living in the country -- mostly in Sharjah.
This features several papers setting out techniques to make holograms more versatile, combining their intrinsic overt feature set with RFID (in a paper from EDAPS and Toppan), taggants (InkSure), nanotech-nology (Computer Holography Center) and ciphers (M-Secure).