EDAQEvaluation of Daily Activities Questionnaire
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We performed electrochemical measurements on a 4-channel potentiostat (eDAQ Co.) equipped with an e-corder system.
Additionally, it creates an overview of all "eDAQ" data-acquisition systems that are connected via network, and their status.
Flarsh settings might require a ruggedized device such as our eDAQ system.
Electropolymerization processes were performed in 3-electrode setup potentiostat (eDAQ potentiostat ED410 e-corder 410) using platinum wire as counter electrode, Ag/AgCl aqueous electrode as reference electrode, and ITO-coated glass substrate as working electrode.
The photovoltaic performance of DSSCs was investigated using a LOT-Oriel solar simulator (1.5 AM, 1000 W [m.sup.-2]) and a computer controlled eDAQ Potentiostat.
Electropolymerization was carried out with eDAQ potentiostat (Model EA161) using an e-corder recording system (Model ED201) as the digital waveform generator and data acquisition system.
A commercial data acquisition system (Priamus eDAQ) was used for both monitoring and implementing the switchover logic with a 2 ms sampling interval.
It can also create an overview of all Priamus eDAQ data-acquisition systems that are connected to a network.
The eDAQ Process Control Center from Priamus is said to be capable of monitoring as many as 64 cavity-pressure, cavity-temperature, and machine signals in real time.