EDAXEnergy Dispersive Spectroscopy
EDAXEnergy Dispersive Analysis X-Ray
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EDAX results suggested the presence of iron and oxygen elements, which conforms to the presentation of iron after conjugation with C595 antibodies (21).
The EDAX spectra of Ce-CCS and phosphate-adsorbed Ce-CCS are shown in Fig.
We acknowledge Centre for nanoscience and nanotechnology, International Research Centre (IRC), Sathyabama University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India for SEM and EDAX analysis.
In addition, the valuable effect of iron oxide on the prepared activated carbon was confirmed through the EDAX analysis spectrum.
The growth of the apatite layer on the sample surface has been confirmed by EDAX analysis of the deposited layer.
En la Figura 3 (b) se muestran los resaltados de EDAX en el que se observan los picos caracteristicos del vanadio y el oxigeno ademas de otros que se atribuyen a contaminantes provenientes del tratamiento del electrodo y el medio electrolitico.
The impact fracture surfacess of the composites were characterized by FE-SEM (Model: Hitachi S-4800, Japan) and EDS (Model: EDAX Genesis, USA).
In order to investigate the corrosion prevention mechanism, the surface of the scratched sample with Si nanoparticles was analyzed before and after the SECM experiment using FE-SEM with EDAX analysis.
A specimen was then subjected to EDAX analysis, to obtain the material's chemical composition (Table 2).
The deposited nickel was subjected to EDAX analysis to reveal the composition.
Water absorption test, Brazilian tensile strength test, SEM, and EDAX, were applied on 28-days specimens.