EDBAEastern Dive Boat Association (New York)
EDBAEndangered Dog Breeds Association (Monash University; Clayton, Victoria, Australia)
EDBAExtended Duration Breathing Apparatus (firefighting equipment)
EDBAEmergency Department Benchmarking Alliance (Dayton, OH)
EDBAEdmonton District Badminton Association (Canada)
EDBAEast Downtown Business Association (Kentucky)
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Several Platinum employees who developed EDBA then resigned to join a third company, Quest, that hired Platinum's former employees to develop a product to compete with EDBA.
Responding to allegations that Quest misappropriated the source code for EDBA, Quest argued that portions of the EDBA code were derived from the Bison open source code, which was made available on the internet pursuant to GPL.
Reason for Award: EDBA design and tooling is owned by Scott who does not share its proprietary drawings or documentation with any third party contractors for the purposes of performing the scope of activities required by UK MOD.