EDCFEconomic Development Cooperation Fund (UNDP)
EDCFEuropean Digital Cinema Forum
EDCFEnhanced Distributed Coordination Function
EDCFEndothelium Derived Contracting Factor (physiology)
EDCFEntrepots de Cambrai et Fontaine (French warehouses)
EDCFEnergy Dissipation/Circulation Function (biotechnology)
EDCFEcho Doppler Color Flow (vascular pathology)
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Projects Amount Fund (US$ million) Construction of waste disposal site in 45.0 EDCF Maputo, Mozambique Developing climate change-related health 0.33 KTF indicators 6.
The EDCF is a fund mainly aimed at helping less-developed countries through low interest rate loans.
The EDCF is a state-run fund launched in 1987 aimed at helping developing and less-developed countries with loans that carry low interest rates.
In order to help implement the policy recommendations derived in 2008, the 2009 Dominican Republic KSP involved the EDCF to initiate the project to build the Cibao Trade Center.
In 2006, the Korean government achieved the initial target of committing 352.3 billion won, the largest since the launch of EDCF in 1987.
Through the EDCF, Korea will support Pakistan in its infrastructure, socio-economic development and ICT fields.
(Billion won) 2005 2006 2007 (planned) EDCF (approved) 299.8 360 550.0 Fund for feasibility study will continue to rise in order to actively identifying blue chip projects.
The Korean government decided in December 2004 to approve Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF) loans to be used to help fund major national development projects worth a total of US$33 million in Sri Lanka and Tanzania, and US$23 million in Laos, respectively.
Korea has utilized US$ 30 million from economic development cooperation fund on conversion of Chandika Medical College Power Supply into Solar Energy and development of children hospital in Larkana under Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF).
It was also decided that the government would readily consider extending an Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF) loan to the stricken countries if assistance is requested for large-scale restoration projects.