EDCIEast Durham Children's Initiative (Durham, NC)
EDCIEntertainment Distribution Company, Inc. (New York, NY)
EDCIEducational Curriculum and Instruction (college course)
EDCIÉtudes Développement Conseils Informatiques (French computer consulting company)
EDCIError Detection Correction and Improvement
EDCIEuropean Diving Career Institute (Varna, Bulgaria)
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Secondly, MPEG (2.0 g, 1.0 mmol), Chol-suc (0.72 g, 1.5 mmol), DMAP (0.13 g, 1.0 mmol), and EDCI (0.48 g, 2.5 mmol) were dissolved in dichloromethane (100 mL) and refluxed at room temperature for 24 h.
Along with the course curriculum experienced by the participants (Practicum (2) EDCI 419 syllabus), the group members experienced a specially designed curriculum packet beginning with EDCI 419.
In the fall of 2010, EDCI also began offering new-parent training and home nursing visits.
Levin, Department of Curriculum and Instruction (EDCI), College of Education, 2311 Benjamin Building, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742; e-mail: dlevin2@umd.edu.
EDCI 651 - Curriculum and Instruction in Middle Education (3) EDCI 610 - Literature and Literacy in Middle Education (3) EDCI 609 - Problem Solving in Math in Middle Education (3) EDIT 504 - Introduction to Educational Technology (3) EDCI 608 - Teaching Science in Middle Education (3) EDCI 529 - Teaching Social Studies and Humanities in Middle Education (3) EDCI 528 - Teaching Math in Middle Education (3) EDCI 612 - Content Area Reading in Middle Education (3) EDCI 737 - Assessment and Guiding Behavior in Middle Education (3) EDCI 790B - Internship in Middle Education (6)
Table 1: Integrative STEM Education Core Courses and Degree Options CoreCourses: * EDCI 5804: STEM Education Foundations * EDCI 5814: STEM Education Pedagogy * EDCI 5824: STEM Education Trends & Issues * EDCI 5834: STEM Education Research * EDCI 5844: STEM Education Seminar * EDCI 5854: Biotechnology Literacy by Design * EDCI 5964: Field Studies in [STEM] Education * EDCI 5774: Readings in Technology Education Graduate Certificate * 12 SH (EDCI 5804, 5814, and any 2 more of the following--EDCI 5824, 5834, 5854, or 5964) Graduate Degrees * Masters of Education (MAEd) * Education Specialist (EdS) * Doctor of Education (EdD) residency required * Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) residency required
Poly (ethylene glycol) (MW = 2000, [PEG.sub.2000]), 1-(3-dimethylaminopropyl)-3-ethylcarbodiimide hydrochloride (EDCI), and dimethylaminopyridine (DMAP) were purchased from Sigma (St.
During the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms of the 2005-06 school year, 36 students in a graduate measurement and evaluation class (i.e., EDCI 503) and 123 students in four sections of a graduate curriculum, theory and practice class (i.e., EDCI 601) were asked to give their opinions about having experienced cooperative testing as part of the overall evaluation system in these classes.
This course (EDCI 611) introduces participants to classroom inquiry guided by NBPTS standards and focused on core subject areas of the elementary and middle school curriculum.
During the spring semester of the 200809 school year, 260 teacher education candidates participated in student teaching and were required to enroll in EDCI 419 (Effective Classroom Management).