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EDCSSaarmund (airport code; Germany)
EDCSEnvironmental Data Coding System
EDCSEvolutionary Design of Complex Software
EDCSElectronic Document Control System
EDCSEcumenical Development Cooperative Society (South Africa)
EDCSEnvironmental Data Coding Specification (Synthetic Environment Data Representation & Interchange Specification)
EDCSEnterprise Data Center Strategy
EDCSEssential Data Control Systems, Inc. (Arizona)
EDCSEdit Config Spec
EDCSExportable Data Collection System
EDCSEast Devon Caravan Storage (England, UK)
EDCSEuropean Defense Communications System
EDCSElectronic Design & Consulting Services (Stafford, VA)
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Even better news for SEWA is that the Ekip UP solution and EDCS fit within its annual maintenance budget.
According to the BPU, winning prices for each of the EDCs increased between 2.4 percent and 7.6 percent compared to 2018's auction.
EdgeConneX[R], specializing in global data center solutions at the edge of the network, has announced the creation of an Edge Data Center[R] (EDC) campus in Atlanta, Georgia, the company said.
EDCs were used to continuously monitor fungal airborne contamination in the ICU for 244 weeks; each EDC was exposed for 14 days.
"EDCs, especially estrogens, are highly effective even at very low doses," says Susanne Ulbrich, Full Professor of Animal Physiology at ETH Zurich.
In 2009, the Endocrine Society published a scientific statement in which it called EDCs A Significant Concern To Human Health (Endocr Rev.
For the study researchers examined published evidence of the wide variety and high number of EDCs, from pesticides to chemicals used in the manufacture of drugs, cosmetics, furniture and plastics, that can all interfere with TH.
How do scientists understand the effect of EDCs on the thyroid axis?
A growing concern is the impact of EDCs on the reproductive success of women in the childbearing years.
Based on the above perniciousness analysis of EDCs, a number of technologies have been used to remove EDCs, and these technologies mainly include adsorption, biological methods, membrane treatment, and advanced oxidation processes [5-8].
Concentration levels of EDCs at all sampling locations were below the extraneous residue limit and maximum residue limits of codex alimentarious commission of FAO-WHO and US-FDA.