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EDDAExpanded Duties Dental Assistant
EDDAExperimental Design and Data Analysis (International Rice Research Institute)
EDDAEnvironmental Due Diligence Audit
EDDAEuropean Dictionary of Domesticated and Utilised Animals (European Network for Biodiversity Information; EU)
EDDAEl Dorado Dance Academy (California)
EDDAEstimated Departure Date Air
EDDAEnvironnement, Développement Durable, Aménagement (French: Environment, Sustainable Development, Planning)
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Any eligible voter without his or her PVC is in error and not a good indigene of Edda.
Everyone in your business should have meager to diminutive trainings from tech support or an agency such as Charles Edda and Charles Bouley notifies you.
And Edda and I have brought up a family of responsible, conscientious, and sensitive souls who will doubtless make their own contributions to humanity and country.
The Edda Fides is a unique vessel capable of fulfilling demanding operations in harsh offshore environments," comments Andersen.
A discussion of the influence of Snorra Edda, in particular the second and third sections ("Skaldskaparmal" and "Hattatal"), on Borges's early work on kennings will serve as a starting point.
She continues with a discussion of the treatment of both complete bodies and body parts and proposes that the parts had meanings similar to those of the kennings found in the Eddas, in which blood may be referred to as "warm ale" and the heart as the "power-stone" (129).
Country: NorwaySector: MediaTarget: Edda Media ASBuyer: A-pressen ASAVendor: Mecom Group PlcDeal size in USD: 291mType: DivestmentStatus: ClosedComment: Deal size refers to enterprise value.
Mecom announced on 5 December 2011 that it had agreed the sale of Mecom Europe AS, the holding company for Edda Media, to A-pressen for an enterprise value of NOK1,725m (EUR222m).
While her friends partied, Knox's mum Edda and stepdad Chris mellas visited her in jail.
99) Best mates Edda and Bethan, fuelled by cheap Cava and derring-do and wearing sombreros as disguise, decide to plant a garden in an abandoned skip in the gritty South London suburb of Brockley.
The programme, called EDDA, involves gathering of data over the Linerle and Valkyrie fields using EMGS's mobile acquisition set deployed on the vessel Siem Mollie.
2, Barcelona shingles Kotoc and Edda Design presented toon/Web series "The Extras" and "Sweesters," respectively, at a vidgame/multiplatform confab organized by Catalan pubcaster TV3 during the Sitges Fantasy Film Festival, Europe's biggest genre pic meet.