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[35] Xing Zhang, Feng Liu, "Research on EDDL," in Proc.
According to Table 3, among heuristics, EDDL has the worst results, and it can be concluded that EDDU is better than EDD.
It is noticeable that with increasing the problem size, gradually the RPDs of the proposed EDD, EDDL, and EDDU decrease.
According to the results, the average RPD obtained by the proposed EDD, EDDL, and EDDU are 128.04,141, and 132.33 respectively.
To solve this model, three heuristics (EDD, EDDL, and EDDU), three metaheuristics (GA, VNS, and SA), and two hybrid metaheuristics (GA-VNS and VNS-SA) are developed.
Using the enhancements to the international standard Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL), Emerson Process Management says it will boost the functionality of its HART[R] and FOUNDATION[TM] fieldbus devices to drive richer graphical user interface displays that enable end users to improve operations and maintenance.